Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Clinique Redness Solutions

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream
Clinique's redness solutions cream
     Hi guys! I have been loving Clinique's Redness solutions daily moisturizing face cream. I have had this product for a while now, and it works like a charm. I have really red cheeks, and they are very blotchy. The cream can be all over the face as a daily moisturizer, but personally, I just like using on my cheeks to soothe my red blotchy-ness. The cream is super thick, so I feel that along with soothing my redness, I am also moisturizing my dry areas. My sister uses a lot of harsh acne products for her severe acne prone skin (blogpost on that coming soon!), and this cream really helps to balance out her skin, making sure it doesn't get too dry. If her oily skin gets dry, it is not only uncomfortable, but her skin tries to over compensate by producing more oil! It is essential for her to have a good moisturizer, and this sure does the trick.
     The other great use of this product is that it soothes the redness around your acne. The second I put this cream on, the redness goes down immediately. This is most likely because the cream is a light green color, and green cancels out red. Also, I just have to mention this, I love opening the pot. I know, it's a silly thing, but I just love the packaging! The glass is like faded green seeglass with a light silver metal top. Unfortunately, it isn't very sanitary, since you have to stick your fingers in the pot every time you use the cream. I share this pot with my sister, since she loves it just as much as I do, so this might turn out to be a problem for us...oops. However, we do have a rule that we need to wash our hands before opening the pot! So far, so good :)
     Overall, I recommend this product and would give this product a 8/10.
                              Until next time, stay moisturized!,
                                             xoxo Payton