Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer Review

Fit Me Concealer - Pack Shot
Maybelline FIT me concealer
I purchased the Maybelline FIT Me concealer from my local CVS just a few days ago for $6.99. I was very shocked by the price, I thought that it would be at least 9 or 10 dollars. The first thought that went automatically through my mind was that it wouldn't be good quality because it was so cheap. But I had tried the FIT Me foundation and thought it blended very well, so I decided to give it a try. As soon as I got home, I cleansed my face, and applied the concealer with the doe-foot applicator, on to my blemishes. I blended the product into my skin with my fingers, and to my  surprise, it blended very nicely. It had a very nice matte finish and covered my blemishes for the whole day. Plus, it didn't make my skin feel greasy or oily, which was a very nice comfort becuase I have very oily skin. It also looked very natural and not like you were wearing any make-up at all. Such a great buy.
                                                  Bottom line: I would  recommend this
                                                                 xoxo, Payton

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Concealer That Cures Acne?! Can It Be?!

Actually...not really. Hahaha sorry to disappoint, but it's the truth!

I think it was mentioned before that I have very oily, acne prone skin. On top of that my skin gets dry easily from all the harsh acne productions I use (I want those pimples to go away, gosh darnit!). I don't always feel comfortable covering my acne with concealer because I am afraid it will do more harm than good. I went to Sephora and asked for a concealer that is good for acne prone skin, and the women helping me lead me over to the Murad skin care section and gave me this:

I was so excited! Murad is a very high claiming skin care line, and they have many, many interesting acne products! This concealer also had 2% salicylic acid, which is as much as the acne facial cleansers from the drug stores! It also claimed to have vitamin A to balance out oil, and green tea extract for antioxidants to protect against free-radicals. (For those of you who don't know what free-radicals are, the dumbed down answer is "damaged cells", I don't really know enough about them to fully explain, it's all a bunch of science stuff lol.) Too good to be true? UH, yes. 

For one thing, it didn't blend all that well. I could work with it so it would look nice, but the consistency was sort of...waxy.  When I say it was waxy, it was, but it wasn't horrible! It gave me good coverage, I would say it was actually medium to maybe even full coverage! Truth be told, I don't have much experience with concealers, so I'm not the best judge on the exact coverage, but this was my best guess.

It was also not the most sanitary of products, as it was a stick concealer. I never put it directly on my pimples, I would put in on my finger first, but still, I was not entirely comfortable with it. Then, when I put the cap back on, I was afraid it would trap in bacteria. Call me paranoid, but I just hate hate hate my acne!!! I would rather have had a tube that squeezed out the product.

Now, I was really, really, reeeally hoping this concealer would do what it claimed. If it did, my goodness, I would have the ultimate miracle product right here! Life's questions would be solved! The world would be a better place!

It wasn't.

I used this for about a month, each day I saw no difference in my acne. My acne did heal, but this was not from the concealer, but from my skincare. And then new acne would come up, and again the concealer did nothing but conceal. Which is essentially what a concealer is, so this product did not fail completely!

Overral, I would rate this...4/10. It was okay, but I would not repurchase it. If you are intrigued by this product, try it! Everyone's skin is different, so it may work for you. I would be very interested to know how it works for you, since the product's claims seem so amazing. Leave it in a comment below!

Until next time, banish those good-for-nothing pimples!! They are not worthy of sitting on your lovely face ;) 

OOTD: Polka Dots and Pastel

Hey beauties! Holly here :) I know I have been out of the picture for a while. I go to a very demanding school and I have been sooo super busy! Even when I finish my work all I want to do is sleep hahahah

SO, to make up for being out of the picture, I decided to TAKE some pictures ;)

How about an outfit of the day for you all? Would you like that? I know you dooo!

Actually, these pictures of my little fashionista Peyton. I love this baby girl!

Photography was done by none other than yours truly.

My sister and I find our clothes from very...obscure places, I guess. Consignment shops, vintage shops, random shops we find while on vacation...things like that!  I even wear a lot of my mother's clothes from when she was in her 20's and late teens! How cool is that?? It's literally like I have a thrift shop in my own home! 

Anyway, my point is that I would make a list of where Payton got all the clothes she is wearing, but you probably would not be able to get them for yourself :( Which is slightly pointless! Although it would be verrrrry difficult for you to find these clothes for yourself, let this outfit inspire you!! That certainty is not pointless. 

I LOVE outfit of the days and I LOVE taking photos. So expect many more of these to come!!! This was so much fun, I missed blogging! 

Until next time, find something to inspire you!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Clinique Redness Solutions

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream
Clinique's redness solutions cream
     Hi guys! I have been loving Clinique's Redness solutions daily moisturizing face cream. I have had this product for a while now, and it works like a charm. I have really red cheeks, and they are very blotchy. The cream can be all over the face as a daily moisturizer, but personally, I just like using on my cheeks to soothe my red blotchy-ness. The cream is super thick, so I feel that along with soothing my redness, I am also moisturizing my dry areas. My sister uses a lot of harsh acne products for her severe acne prone skin (blogpost on that coming soon!), and this cream really helps to balance out her skin, making sure it doesn't get too dry. If her oily skin gets dry, it is not only uncomfortable, but her skin tries to over compensate by producing more oil! It is essential for her to have a good moisturizer, and this sure does the trick.
     The other great use of this product is that it soothes the redness around your acne. The second I put this cream on, the redness goes down immediately. This is most likely because the cream is a light green color, and green cancels out red. Also, I just have to mention this, I love opening the pot. I know, it's a silly thing, but I just love the packaging! The glass is like faded green seeglass with a light silver metal top. Unfortunately, it isn't very sanitary, since you have to stick your fingers in the pot every time you use the cream. I share this pot with my sister, since she loves it just as much as I do, so this might turn out to be a problem for us...oops. However, we do have a rule that we need to wash our hands before opening the pot! So far, so good :)
     Overall, I recommend this product and would give this product a 8/10.
                              Until next time, stay moisturized!,
                                             xoxo Payton

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Guide to Summer Tanning

     Hey everybody! I absolutely love tanning. I tan really well. When I tan, I get a very nice golden skin tone. Although tanning is a wonderful and relaxing time, it can also be very dangerous. The Sun's UV rays can really burn your skin, cause skin cancer, acne scarring, and wrinkles. Not a fun time :( Tanning, if done correctly and in moderation, can look beautiful. So, without further ado, here are my tips on tanning.
DERMACONTROL TM Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30

1. You need a sunscreen. Yes, NEED. I know that there are some of you that do not burn easily, and say " I don't need any sunscreen." I know, I've been there, I've done that, but it is best that you do use at least SOME. You might not burn, but it will still affect your skin in later years. Sun exposure is the largest contributor to wrinkles. Sunscreen keeps your skin protected when you tan, so you can have a guilt free summer glow :). I feel that whenever I tan, sunscreen is like "the primer for my foundation." It protects your skin before you tan, like primer is the barrier between your skincare and your makeup.

2. Tanning oil. You put it on after your sunscreen while you are out tanning. Oils attract the sun, which will make you tan faster and deeper. Tanning oil also has SPF in it, so although it attracts the sun, you will be safe. However, do not rely on tanning oil alone for your SPF! Tanning oil is a must for those girls out there who just can't get rid of that white sheen on their bodies. (My older sister has that problem :/). Quick tip: if you have acne prone skin, do not put tanning oil on your face! Instead, use a tinted moisturizer to match your tan, or a gradual tanner that is formulated especially for your face.

3. A good "tanning" bathing suit. You don't want a once piece suit, or a suit with thick straps and a funky design on the back. These will cause the dreaded tan lines! I would go for a two piece strapless bathing suit. I know that a lot of girls out there (including me!) don't feel comfortable in a two piece. I have very dark hair, and it shows up very dark on my belly, so I try and hide it as much as possible. I have learned however, that the sun can actually lighten the hair on your head and body. How weird is it that the sun darkens your skin, but lightens your hair?! LOL

DIY TATTOO: Make a sun tattoo! Cut out a cute design and put it on your desired spot while tanning. When you are done tanning, peel of the design, and viola! You will be left with a cute, painless sun tattoo!

                                                      Until next time, tan safely!
                                                                xoxo Payton  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wardrobe Basics

Hey guys! I really wanted to do a wardrobe basics post. Everyone has their own style, and everyone has their own opinions on what the basics are. So, I wanted to share mine with you today!. Hope you enjoy!

* BASIC NOTE: First of I want to say that these are my year-round basics, not specifically for spring, I will do a post on that later :) *

The A&F Super Skinny
A&F skinnies
get it:  here
1. A basic pair of skinnies. In my opinion, every girl needs some basic skinnies in her closet. They are so simple, yet so stylish, and can really give you a more fashion forward, young look. If you find your perfect fit, they can be so so flattering on any body types! So don't try and squeeze into the smallest size, that will only backfire and make you look bigger. Find a pair that is comfortable and fits like a glove. Comfort is key. You don't need to be skinny to look good skinny jeans, despite their name. Anyone can  rock these jeans as long as they FIT! You can decide to dress them up with a nice top, or dress them down with a casual tee and some converse. They are so universal in the world of fashion.

Michael Kors Michael Kors  Bella Golden Glitz Watch
Kors watch
get it: here
2. A classic nude watch. I love my classic nude watch. It is so beautiful and i can't leave my house without it. It was very cheap ($10.00) but looks more expensive at a first glance. It has a line of fake crystals on the rim of the watch face, which makes the watch look classy. Although I would love to get a Michael Kors watch around my wrist, in the end, all watches really do the same thing, right?

Mossimo® Womens Boxy Chevron Cardigan Sweater - Assorted Colors
Cheap Target cardigan
get it: here
3. A black cardigan. I love my black cardigan, I wear it year round. It just adds a put-together, finishing touch onto what I am wearing. It makes my outfit look more "well-rounded", like I spent a lot of time picking it out, when it really only took me 5 minutes.

Classic Woolen Peacoat
black pea-coat
get it: here

4. I absolutely love my Pea-coat. The pea-coat is a double-breasted jacket with a color, worn in winter and fall. Originally invented for men, us women adopted it into our wardrobes.  I wear mine in the fall and early winter. I don't however wear it as my winter jacket, it doesn't have a hood, or give me the warmth I need when I'm outside. Pea-coats usually come in black, but my pea-coat is in a rich red. I love the fact that my pea-coat is red because it gives an unexpected pop of color.
solid color black flats
get it: here

5. Solid color flats. Flats are obviously a must-have, but solid color flats should always come first. Animal and floral prints are cute, but don't get as much use as the black, nude or gray ballet flats. My personal favorite is my pair of faded green Steve Madden flats. They have gotten me through fall, spring and summer for over 3 years, I have loved them to death. Solid color flats are so universal, they work with jeans and a t-shirt for the daytime, or a cute LBD for the nighttime.

Leave a comment of your own wardrobe essentials!

 Until next time, splurge on your essentials! They are worth it!
xoxo Payton.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Makeup Bag

Hey Guys, So I have been looking for a cute make-up bag for my stuff. I didn't want just any old makeup bag, I wanted a cute bag, one that people would ask "where did you get THAT!". And while in the process of looking for a make-up bag, I was thinking. What should go IN a good make-up bag? What are the essentials that every girl should  carry around with her at all times? So I wanted to share what goes in my make-up bag, and suggestions to put in yours.

product image
Sephora Blotting Papers. Get them here
1. Blotting paper. My skin gets very oily during the day. So to keep from having a shiny build up of oil on my face, I just rub a blotting paper all over the areas that have oil, and voila! A good alternative to blotting paper is loose leaf paper (as weird as it sounds, if you're  in a crisis and oil is practically dripping down your face, you will thank me for this trick!). Just rip a small corner of loose leaf paper (a clean one is best) and it works just like blotting paper.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Rosebud Salve
Rosebud Perfume co. lip tin
Get it: here

2. Lip Balm, or the lip product you are using at that time. Go for a hydrating lip product and a gloss. to make your lips moisturized and attractive. Also if your lips become chapped at school or work you can instantly fix it!

3. Concealer. Just in case a blemish flares up during the day, you can be covered instantly. Go for a small concealer, just so it can fit in your bag.
product image
Clinique Airbrush Concealer
get it: here

Neutrogena skin clearing mineral power
get it: here
4. Go for a power to reapply onto your face, just incase you start to look a little faded, or need to touch up your makeup. It also helps to prevent oil buildup on your skin. After using the blotting papers to soak up all the oil on your skin, go ahead and put on some powder. Do not try and put on powder while it is still oily. This will clog your pores. Look for a loose power that comes in a small compact and a power puff. just get some product onto the puff and genntly pat around the "T" zone. that will keep the color in your face. also dust around the cheeks, chin and forehead to even the rest of the face out.

product image
Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss
get it:here
5. Throw in the lip product you put on that morning so you can continue to wear it throughout the day! If you didn't pick out a lip color to go with your outfit when you were getting ready, and just have your natural lips, then keep a little lip gloss or lip balm (see our previous post  for ideas.) to give your look extra boost when you want it. I personally wouldn't go for such a tinted lip gloss, just one with a little beige or light pink tint. It's okay to change it up depending on the outfit or where you might be going. If you're going to school: lighter colors, a party: maybe a darker color.

6. A makeup setting spray or a makeup refreshing spray! This will freshen up your look throughout the day, and make you feel fresh as well. This will also help set your makeup. This is good if you start to look dull, and when touching up your foundation I would use this after blotting and powdering your face. 

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 
get it: here

product image
sephora diamond weave make-up bag
get it: here

7. a cute make-up bag makes touch-ups 10 times better. a cute one that will carry all your stuff ( and a little more you might decide to carry on the way) is all you need!

I hope that this gave you some good ideas and inspirations for your make-up bag.  Until next time, make sure you always have the essentials on hand :) Please leave a comment telling us what is in your make-up bag??
                                                                             xoxo Payton

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lip Heaven

Hey Everybody!

My name is Payton. And I have a problem. I am addicted to lip balm. There, I said it! And I will say it over and over again! I am obsessed. My lips have always been dry, tight, and chapped. I never really noticed it until recently. Now wherever I go, whatever I do, I always have something on my lips. (She really does, there is never a moment that I see her where she's not continuously rubbing something on her lips. Baby smoooth ;) -Holly)  I wanted to review my lip balms with you all. Everything from my holy grail lip balms, to the ones I regret buying. Hope everyone enjoys! :)

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

This is my absolute favorite lip product I've used since my obsession started. It is so creamy, and it does not give any tint or sparkle, just a nice, creamy, smooth finish. It is enriched with vitamin E and has SPF 15, to protect your lips from the sun. It also smells really nice, like cocoa butter! It's not marketed as a scented product, the smell just comes from the natural cocoa butter used in the product to make your lips so smooth. I like this because I tend to be drawn to more natural things. I find that Lip balms loaded with artificial scents and flavors smell and taste weird, it's just too fake. The Palmers company used its Cocoa Butter Formula comes to make many other products as well. Everything from lip butters, to swivel sticks, to cream, soap and even facial moisturizers.  I have not tried all the products, but because of my love for this one, I'm deffinatly going to go and try some out! Be expecting some reviews soon!
to find this photo and other Palmer's products go  here   

2.Burt's Bees  Beeswax lip balm
     Beeswax Lip Balm Tube
I am very sorry to say, I regret buying this. I had bought this chaptsick a couple years ago, and from the start I noticed that it was very thick and sticky. It didn't moisturize my lips, it coated them with a layer of  chapstick. I would usually end up wiping it off at the end of the day, and my lips would still be dry and dull. This is strange, and very disappointing, because I happen to love many of Burt's Bees other products, including their other lip products! I actually love their pomegranate lip balm and the tinted balm's too. I just think that this specific type (with the beeswax) was not my cup of tea. The other lip products that I do like probably have different ingredients that benefit your lips much more than the beeswax lip balm. (Comment below if you would like me or Holly to write a blogpost on comparing the ingredients of different lip balms and which ingredients are best for your lips!)
I got this picture here

3. EOS lip balm

Sweet Mint Lip Balm Sphere
This has got to be the cutest lip balm I have ever seen. Along with being adorable it is extremely hydrating. A little bit goes along way with this product. Whenever my lips are feel uncomfortably dry, all I have to do is glide this product across my lips and, voila! Instant relief! My lips are not cakey or sticky at all. This is defiantly my second favorite on my "Holy Grail" list. This product is honestly so much fun to apply, as silly as that sounds. You twist of the top and smooth the round ball of lip balm onto your lips. You wouldn't think so, but it really feels very different then when you apply lip balm out of  a stick! I find that the roundness of the lip balm pressing against your lips and massaging them also makes my lips fuller, as well as hydrated.  The EOS lip balms are made with 95% organic ingredients, including Shea butter and jojoba oil. It also has Vitamin E, which is great for your lips, and is very antioxidant rich. It is also 100% natural, and is Paraben free, as well as petrolatum and gluten free! I loved my EOS so much that I used it up completely (and you will never imagine how much product can fit in such a small container's worth.) It was a great buy, and I would defiantly re-purchase again, again and again! EOS also make products such as lotion, shaving cream, and lip balms in tubes (instead of the little egg shapes!). I will try to get them, and totally do a review.
To find the picture and other EOS products, go here

4. L'Oreal Paris Color Riche balm

Last but DEFIANTLY not least. This product is new to the L'Oreal family. A soothing balm with a light sheer of color. It comes in a beautiful translucent cap, in the color of the balm itself , and golden tube. It comes in eight beautiful colors (shown in the picture above. I got the picture from here). With SPF 15 this balm will give you protection from the sun. The color of the lip balm will give you a sheer tint. I have been using this product everywhere I go. I used to use 2 lip products on my lips: a plain, matte lip balm (like the cocoa butter), and then add a sweet lip gloss on top for color. But now when I'm in a rush, I can just whip out my L'Oreal lip balm, and be ready to go. It has defiantly been a savior for my lips and my time! It nourishes your lips for up to 8 hours, and an additional 2 hours after you take it off. My friend has also been using the balm, she bought it shortly after hearing me RAVE about it, and she loves it as much as I do.

Until next time, keep your lips nourished and hydrated!
xoxo Payton

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Secret To Being Confidently Beautiful

Makeup can make you beautiful. It can make people stare when you walk into a room. They'll wish they had lashes as long, dark, and thick as yours. Lips as plump and pink as yours. Cheekbones as defined and sculpted as yours. Skin as even as yours.

They will compliment you, tell you how amazing you look. But for me, when I hear those compliments, of course I'm flattered, but in the back of my mind it's not enough. Because at the end of the day, it's all fake. The lashes, lips, contoured cheekbones, they all wash off. And what are you left with? Well...YOU.

Just plain me. That's what I wan't people to compliment, that's what I want them to think is beautiful. Now don't get me wrong, I wear makeup almost everyday. ALMOST. There are those days where I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and decide I actually look beautiful.

It took me forever to get to that point. For the longest time I wished I could still be pretty without makeup. I would be so envious of the girls who would come to school without any makeup, and still look stunning.

Basically, being beautiful is one thing. But being CONFIDENTLY beautiful is another. You shouldn't just look pretty, you should FEEL pretty. When someone tells you how beautiful you look, believe them. Because they shouldn't be complimenting your makeup, they should be complimenting YOU.

Now, I'm not saying don't wear makeup. Girl, if you're going out, by all means, pull out those fake lashes and glue 'em on. Just don't do it everyday. There was this amazing scene in Desperate Housewives a few seasons back (holla to all you Desperate Housewives fans out there!). Gabby was telling her daughter that she was not allowed to wear makeup until she feels like she doesn't need it. That is exactly how I feel.

Makeup can be dangerous. If put into he hands of an insecure girl, it can change her into and entirely different person. Makeup should only be used to have fun, dress up, compliment and outfit. Not hide who you are. You will NEVER feel beautiful that way, trust me.

Until next time, enjoy makeup, but use it wisely :)


p.s. I know that getting to the point where you fully believe that you are beautiful without makeup is VERY hard and will take awhile. Comment and tell me if you would like me to do a series to help you get there. This is something that I strongly believe in, and will probably end up doing a series anyway. I believe in all you girls, you are all beautiful, and I will help you see it <3