Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Secret To Being Confidently Beautiful

Makeup can make you beautiful. It can make people stare when you walk into a room. They'll wish they had lashes as long, dark, and thick as yours. Lips as plump and pink as yours. Cheekbones as defined and sculpted as yours. Skin as even as yours.

They will compliment you, tell you how amazing you look. But for me, when I hear those compliments, of course I'm flattered, but in the back of my mind it's not enough. Because at the end of the day, it's all fake. The lashes, lips, contoured cheekbones, they all wash off. And what are you left with? Well...YOU.

Just plain me. That's what I wan't people to compliment, that's what I want them to think is beautiful. Now don't get me wrong, I wear makeup almost everyday. ALMOST. There are those days where I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and decide I actually look beautiful.

It took me forever to get to that point. For the longest time I wished I could still be pretty without makeup. I would be so envious of the girls who would come to school without any makeup, and still look stunning.

Basically, being beautiful is one thing. But being CONFIDENTLY beautiful is another. You shouldn't just look pretty, you should FEEL pretty. When someone tells you how beautiful you look, believe them. Because they shouldn't be complimenting your makeup, they should be complimenting YOU.

Now, I'm not saying don't wear makeup. Girl, if you're going out, by all means, pull out those fake lashes and glue 'em on. Just don't do it everyday. There was this amazing scene in Desperate Housewives a few seasons back (holla to all you Desperate Housewives fans out there!). Gabby was telling her daughter that she was not allowed to wear makeup until she feels like she doesn't need it. That is exactly how I feel.

Makeup can be dangerous. If put into he hands of an insecure girl, it can change her into and entirely different person. Makeup should only be used to have fun, dress up, compliment and outfit. Not hide who you are. You will NEVER feel beautiful that way, trust me.

Until next time, enjoy makeup, but use it wisely :)


p.s. I know that getting to the point where you fully believe that you are beautiful without makeup is VERY hard and will take awhile. Comment and tell me if you would like me to do a series to help you get there. This is something that I strongly believe in, and will probably end up doing a series anyway. I believe in all you girls, you are all beautiful, and I will help you see it <3


  1. a case of chaseMay 9, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    HERRO!!!! I love the Palmers cocoa butter formula chaptstick. I also like the pomigrite Burts bees chaptstick. BUt if you put too much on it makes your lips feel REALLY wierd. :)